Covid-19 Safety Measures

Visitor Entrances

We have locked our west-facing door. A sign is posted at all doors to direct all foot traffic to our north-facing office entry

Our north-facing office entry has a sign noting that anyone showing symptoms of sickness should not enter. Instead, they may call the office number for assistance


  • Front desk is equipped with a plexiglass barrier and social distancing reminder
  • Front counter has a sign explaining proper handwashing and use of alcohol rubs
  • Bottles of alcohol-based sanitizing spray are available on the counter for visitor use



  • Signs in all washrooms have been posted for proper hand washing and alcohol rub procedures 
  • All washrooms are single occupancy only

Office Staff 

  • Nitrile examination gloves and 3-ply medical masks are available for all employees
  • Alcohol hand spray is available on the front counter with signage for proper use of alcohol hand rubs
  • All office workers have their own stations that meet or exceed the 6-foot safety precaution
  • Daily wipe down of high touch point items (door handles, cabinets, photocopiers, water cooler, coffee maker, fridge handles, faucets, and washrooms)
  • Staff is responsible for a daily wipe down of their personal work area (desktop, pens, calculator, IP phone, cell phone, keyboard, and computer mouse)

Packages & Deliveries

  • All parcels are received at the front counter, through our north-facing door
  • Warehouse shipments are to be left at our shipping bay door, for contactless delivery

Field Workers 

  • Workers will only visit the office if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, they report to their worksite
  • Workers visiting the office are to enter through the north-facing warehouse entrance. Once there, they are to remain at the entrance and phone their project manager for further assistance
  • A ‘Do Not Enter If Symptomatic’ sign is posted on our north-facing exterior warehouse door. ‘Please Wait’ signs are posted on all interior warehouse doors to remind workers to call their Project Manager, instead of entering the office

  • Company vehicles stay in the possession of their designated driver
  • Designated drivers will shuttle with the same workers each day
  • Workers are supplied with N-95 masks, nitrile gloves, and hand sanitizer to use when on-site 
  • Handwashing at designated stations is required before and after work, or breaks
  • Comingling is to be avoided between different trades or groups of workers 
  • Workers will stay at least 6ft away from each other, whenever possible
  • Workers will reference the BCCSA Covid-19 Health Screening Tool to ensure they are fit for work
  • Any workers showing symptoms of Covid-19 are to call the office and notify their Project Manager immediately

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984 Laval Crescent Kamloops, BC V2C 5P5

984 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, BC, V2C 5P5